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Ever since it was founded in 1880, VU University Amsterdam has been known for its distinctive approach to knowledge. VU is an open organization, strongly linked to people and society. What matters is not just the acquisition of a greater depth of knowledge, but also a wider one. We ask and expect our students, researchers, PhD candidates and employees to look further – to look further than their own interests and their own field, and further than what is familiar and further than the here and now.

VU Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015

‘VU: looking further’ links the origins of VU with its ambitions for the future and the content of the VU Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015 (SP).
The SP sets out the ambitions, objectives and policy measures for the next five years. The starting point of the SP is the VU Vision 2025, which states where VU University Amsterdam wishes to be in 2025.

Freedom in responsibility: three core values

Academic research and education at VU is characterized by a high level of ambition, and encourages free and open communications and ideas. VU stands for universal university values such as academic freedom and
independence, which is reflected in our name (‘VU’ is the Dutch abbreviation for ‘free university’): free from the church, state and any commercial interest. The basic philosophy of VU is expressed in three core values:

  • responsible
  • open
  • personally engaged

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Banen bij VU University Amsterdam

Postdoc position for project “The impact of AI on knowledge work”

VU University Amsterdam
Holland (Nederländerna) Gepubliceerd: 2021-02-19

PhD postion in Cybersecurity

VU University Amsterdam
Holland (Nederländerna) Gepubliceerd: 2021-02-19

PhD position in Photosynthesis

VU University Amsterdam
Holland (Nederländerna) Gepubliceerd: 2021-02-19

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